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Written by Eric R

Plain Truth: We live in God's world, God is the center of this universe, and we are not.

Nature's Law: "Whatever one sows, that will he also reap."

We have to analyze the reasons for our suffering, whether it is from God or a consequence of what we have done or have been influenced by evil powers, i.e., human or evil spirits.

If God had permitted, we could boldly approach the throne of grace, repent for our sins, plead for His mercy, and claim His promises in faith since God is faithful to answer as He has promised.

If the suffering is due to our wrong decisions, let's correct them and repeat them.

If the suffering is due to the influence of evil powers, then repent, and plead to God as mentioned above. But, more importantly, use the authority in the name of Jesus ans the power of the blood shed on the cross of Calvary and pray diligently, fast and pray and seek help from the men of God. Certainly, God is gracious and will answer your prayers as He had promised.

May God deliver you. Amen.




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