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Written by Eric R

Church teachings are still limited to telling lies, jealousy, greed, disobedience, pride, watching movies, lust, and general discipline. These are inevitable basics of the Christian teachings. No doubt, these teachings cover the wholesome need of a believer.

But, the elite and literate youth have so many other pressing questions unanswered. Most are essentially atheists; they question God's free will. Many try to change nature's law considering it's either absurd or calls them their right to choose.

Many young men and women say they no more get attracted to the opposite gender. Some don't enjoy marriage and intimacy; instead, they use artificial inventions to pleasure themselves. It's easier to buy such in this online shopping era. They struggle a lot and experience a constant battle between their flesh and spirit. They come to the Church with expectation; most go back disappointed.

We need to address each one of these questions. Yes, indeed, we have answers for all these in the Word of God. God doesn't stop with just giving answers, but the Word of God has the power to transform and deliver too.

Are we equipped to handle such souls? Do we provide them with the trust that they come to us for personal counseling?

They behave peculiarly, make us feel they are adamant. But, if we give the solution through the Word of God, they accept. Holy Spirit gives them a deep conviction. He is the personal Saviour; He talks to their minds. The Word of God is like a fire, the hammer that breaks the rocky mountain. (Jeremiah 23:29)

May God help us to serve the young generation.

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